May 13, 2022

StreamCardano project starts!

We start the StreamCardano project.

Michał J. Gajda
February 21, 2022

VidGif for Android 1.0 released

We release our first Android app.

Michał J. Gajda
September 15, 2019

Live website builds with shake-watch

Configuring continuous builds for Slick static site generator with shake-watch package

Sergey Bushnyak
February 27, 2019

New company website

We bring up new corporate website to advertise our projects.

Michał J. Gajda
January 30, 2019

First Annual General Meeting

First Annual General Meeting of shareholder and directors.

Michał J. Gajda
April 6, 2018

Second award in legaltech hackathon to Privacy Warden

We won 2nd award and FLIP incubator membership for our proposal to facilitate DPO job.

Michał J. Gajda, Yuliya Zemlytska
August 17, 2017

Company incorporated

We incorporated as private limited company.

Michał J. Gajda
February 18, 2014

Making of the company logo

Today the planning for the company started.

Michał J. Gajda