First Annual General Meeting

First step into corporate filing

Today we held our first annual general meeting with company directors and shareholder. It is serious decision, since Singapore law allows you a year to back off from the decision to found a company, and avoid all the paperwork.

But after gaining third client, and expanding the contract with our first (and strategically important) customer, it was definitely time to rethink the company strategy, and increase our profile.

So we decided to hire a new strategic director, and also hire a board advisor with experience in advanced technology projects for financial industry. Of course, we keep the names secret until they get confirmed, and official commitment will be made.

Customers and projects

We have worked with three customers over the past year. One of them agreed to expand the contract. Two other contracts were concluded without continuation.

We decided to focus our marketing efforts on our best projects, and ditto our company focus. We aim to present best projects at our new web page, so that other customers may learn more about our expertise.

Strategic changes

Instead of attending hackathons and counting on support of incubators, we decided it is better to ask for advice from our friends and technologists that we most respect. That allows us to avoid conflicts of interest, and keep our board motivated to deliver best technology, not short-term shareholder value or startup funding. That will be reflected with quarterly board meeting schedule, and regular updates with all board members and advisors individually.

We decided to not to accept any incubator offers in exchange for funding. We also decided to encourage our most proficient partners to join the company in an official capacity.

We also set aside more funds on marketing. These will be used to create company page, and connect our company profiles on social sites. We also will make sure it is updated to reflect our current projects and status.

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