Second award in legaltech hackathon to Privacy Warden

LegalTech Hackathon

We were represented on the TechLawFest 2018 hackathon by Michał Gajda and Yuliya Zemlytska. Our UI prototype targeted the most important issue of protecting private data.

Privacy regulations

The topic of protecting data has got increased exposure with strong privacy laws in different countries (PDPA in Singapore, GDPR in EU, California Consumer Privacy Act in California), but technological means of protection are still behind the needs. d

Job of a Data Protection Officer

We decided that while software solution providers have a lot of training opportunities to harden their software, and cybersecurity firms nowadays may even provide their service together with insurance policies, job of Data Protection Officer is the most difficult to do.

How to ascertain that all company's solutions from all providers are actually compliant? Which software systems hold which data in case of compromise? How to ascertain that the private data is processed in according to the principle of least exposure?

All these problems require regular reviews and monitoring of extensive system documentation that is hard to keep continually updated in the enterprise that may introduce a new software system every week.

For the smaller companies and large companies alike, the issue of data protection is an issue of cost to track the structure of all systems, and keep the DPO updated on the latest technical developments.

Privacy Warden as a solution

Thus was born the idea of PrivacyWarden - the software to monitor software solutions within the company for the methods of protecting data, without holding confidential data itself. It also can allow for monitoring and easier preparation of incident response in case of the breach.

Our UX prototype received 2nd award at the Hackathon, and prestigious invitation to the FLIP legaltech incubator. FLIP incubator is a joint initiative of Singapore Academy of Law and Singapore government (MinLaw and IMDA). It aims to support LegalTech companies in Singapore, and increase adoption of latest legal technology by Singaporean legal sector.

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