Alien Communications - Puzzle Game

Find a key to deciphering alien communication?

Imagine there is an alien probe in the space within a light second from earth. Aliens could start communication through signals. These signal could be continuous or could contain stop impulses with occasional pluses in between. When the alien probe pauses for some time, it likely listens for an answer.

If another civilization were attempting to launch correspondences with us, it could first embark on attention-grabbing signals that can be distinguished from those of random cosmic noise. Upon receiving a recognizable signal, would we have a good fortune of decoding the message.

We have designed a crypto game that is able to receive the language of transmission. Players will have to answer questions in the language of the alien probe and to be able to collect information, such as the goal and origin of such transmission. This game connects you directly as a player to the transceiver.

This specific puzzle game uses substitution cypher which is one of the oldest methods of encrypting a secret message. In addition, it simulates extraterrestrial machine with the ability to respond interstellar messages. Within the game, it is pointed out that each letter describes a new and important concept. They all make sense after right translation.

The game has a keyboard with a “hard mode” that reflects in the graphical symbols of alien's language. However, it also has an “easy mode” where the language is encoded with typical English alphabet. . The most interesting part is figuring out howto answer questions. To make it easier, player can always reset what one did.

To make things easier, your answer may be copied or pasted using either alien or English alphabet characters from the keyboard. You can choose among what you see using your intuitions.

View of the game console

One of the fans wrote:

I tried your game again, matching(….) Now, I see that the game is purely mathematical with different concepts. I have already recommended it to my friends too. It is definitely worth checking out in the end. - Gazal

What makes this game fascinating is an opportunity learn how to decipher complex language and puzzles related to mathematics. How intelligent do you think you are? Try the game now and test your mettle. If you have any feedback, kindly feel free to share in comments. Or email to let us know what you think of the game!

This game was inspired by paper game proposed by Roland Turner. This one in turn was based on a memo by Lambros D. Callimahos' Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Enigmatic Ouamouamoua was inspiring, but never answered attempts to communicate.

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