Slick Toolkit

Slick Toolkit is a collection of libraries that extend functionality of a static generation library Slick. Our company is an active supported of the Slick, contributing to the project and using it extensively for clients and internal needs.


Slick is a static site generation program that utilizes Shake build system and allows to create sites in a more productive way using Haskell types. Slick is implemented as library and open-sourced, keeping minimalistic core functionality but productive users can have more features with our additional libraries.

Shake Watch - library that provides watch and rebuild functionality for Shake-based projects. Since Slick is based on Shake we're using this to track changes in site sources.

Slick Live - library that provides live preview and reload functionality for Slick static site generator.

Slick Extra - library that make slick a more robust website generator and add additional functionality as RSS, Sitemap generation, convinience function.

Slick Template - minimalistic Stack template to get you started with Slick project and slick-live, slick-extra, etc.

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